How does it work?

You can receive your ukulele lessons wherever you are in the world 


Choose several songs you wanna play (and sing*)

The songs must ignites you when you hear it.

You want to play them even if it seems unattainable for now.

Send me the you tube video links of your songs


Choose when to receive your first free lesson

Send me an Email, or a Whatsapp message with several schedule options

example: Friday from 1 to 4pm

Monday from 8 to 11pm


Receive the lesson by video call

Through "Zoom" or the website:

I send you the link to join the web meeting just before the lesson

Another optional are available: Skype, Google meet, WhatsApp etc…


Choose when/if you want to receive

your next lesson to play your song

You can choose the frequency of your lessons.

1 by month, 1 by week etc...

     The Lessons

What you are gonna get and what you ask yourself about the lessons

     The content

The lesson is 45 min long. 

I explain you the basics: How to tune, hold and strum the ukulele and how to make your first chords

I guide and explain you the more efficient practices that will make you play your song.

After the lesson you receive a «Practice sheet» pdf with the chord sequence, the strum and the lyrics of your song.

I send you «Video practices » that helps you remember the practices faster.

Send me the you tube video links of your songs

       The frequency

The lessons frequency is free.

You choose when you want to receive your lessons.

You can receive 1h per week or 1h per month o 1 every 2 month, depending on your schedule and your rhythm.

         The price

The 45 min lesson is 30 EUR.

          The payment

You can pay through your PayPal account. I send you a monthly invoice by mail.

If you don’t currently have a PayPal account, you can create one here:

         Any question

Feel free to ask, I am happy to help you.


Send me a message through WHATSAPP

Send me an Email